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Cleaner Tutorial

  1. open your file in Media Cleaner (make sure no other files are open - you can get rid of other people's files by highlighting them and hitting "Delete"). Files compatible with Cleaner include QuickTime movies, Final Cut Pro movies, and raw captured clips in the iMovie Media folder or Final Cut Pro Capture Scratch folder.
  2. go to windows menu and click Settings Wizard
  3. click WWW; continue.
  4. click RealVideo; continue.
  5. click Streaming; continue.
  6. click "28.8, 33.6 Modem", "56k modem (ISDN single)", "ISDN (Dual)", and if you want (this will make your file much larger), the next highest bandwidth; continue.
  7. click on the appropriate setting for the importance of audio & video, and the type of soundtrack material; continue.
  8. click on 0 to 4 of these video options - it's up to you! each of these options involves some sacrifices, so if you click on two, you will get something halfway between, not both. continue.
  9. normalize audio should be on. if needed, click on "noise reduction" and fade in/out; finish.

  10. by the way, if you know what you're doing, you can click on "Advanced Settings" in the windows menu to customize all settings.

  11. you can crop your video (for instance, if you have a talking head with too much head room) by clicking and dragging on the video in the "Source" window.
  12. click "Start" to begin processing.
  13. click "ok" if it asks you about your RealVideo streaming server - the sf.indymedia server will take care of this automatically.
  14. your .rm file can now be uploaded. Any .ram and .html files created by Media Cleaner can be deleted - the sf.indymedia server will generate these automatically.
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